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The company’s involvement in the mining and minerals processing markets began in its earliest days, driven by its proximity to numerous underground coal mines throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Today, BVA continues to maintain a strong presence in the mining and minerals processing markets, with its castings being used in mining equipment throughout the world both on the surface and underground, and in a variety of applications in mineral processing such as grinding, crushing and screening.

BVA supplies an assortment of steel and iron castings to the global mining and minerals processing markets, specializing in the following applications:

Mining and Minerals Information

Wear Parts & Abrasion Resistance

BVA supplies specialty steel and iron castings for an assortment of mining and minerals processing industry applications, focusing on wear parts and components designed for highly abrasive environments and conditions.

Fluid Transport & Corrosive Processes

The company produces an assortment of castings for the mining and minerals processing industry that are integral in the processing and transport of highly corrosive fluids or slurries, conditions that can be especially severe.

General Purpose & Replacement Parts

BVA manufactures castings for a wide variety of general purpose and structural components for grinding mills and other applications in the mining and minerals processing industry.

Crusher Mill Market - Hammers, Caps and Other Wear Parts

BVA has a long history in the crusher market, and has expertise in the materials required for such extreme, wear-intensive applications and environments.

For information on our other Markets:

Specialized Equipment Primary Metals
Transportation Infrastructure

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